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Student Agency Improvers Guide

A Kit for Learners of All Ages to Improve Their Agency


  • Instructions Booklet

  • Parent-Teacher Journal

  • Teen Journal

  • Kid Journal

  • Topic Cards

  • Method Cards

  • Student Agency Rubric

Student:  "It is easier to make things happen [now] because I know what I like to do.  At the beginning of the year I didn't like the things I was doing."

Parent:  It's been such a valuable journey for us both.  The first step is having the concrete 'blocks' you provided to have meaningful conversations, self-evaluations, and reflection.  Many of our talks about studies and life-skills now include agency.  Our work with you has brought agency into [discussions with our son] and given all of us the template/stepping stones to keep it there."

Agency Curiosity Questions

Lists of Questions to Encourage Student Agency


Includes information about Student Agency skills, lists of Curiosity Questions to encourage SELF-AWARENESS, VOICE, and ENACTMENT, and a Student Agency Rubric.

Educator:  "I appreciate the different ways of asking questions to gain insight into an individual's thought process."

Conference Participant:  "I liked the differentiations within Self Awareness and Voice and the idea of walking people through the rubric process."

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