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Student Agency Improvers Guide

A Kit for Learners of All Ages to Improve Their Agency


  • Instructions Booklet

  • Parent-Teacher Journal

  • Teen Journal

  • Kid Journal

  • Topic Cards

  • Method Cards

  • Student Agency Rubric

Student:  "It is easier to make things happen [now] because I know what I like to do.  At the beginning of the year I didn't like the things I was doing."

Parent:  It's been such a valuable journey for us both.  The first step is having the concrete 'blocks' you provided to have meaningful conversations, self-evaluations, and reflection.  Many of our talks about studies and life-skills now include agency.  Our work with you has brought [agency] into [discussions with our son] and given all of us the template/stepping stones to keep it there."

Student Agency Improvement Guide

Click on the links below to download PDF files of the Student Agency Improvement Guide.  Print booklets (journals and instructions) in "booklet" mode, 2-sided, flipped on short edge.

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