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Through her 30 years in the field of education, Jill Keltner M.Ed. has constantly searched for what makes learning joyful.  She has taught students at all levels: from preschool, to elementary, to middle and high school, to university.  She has taught in traditional programs and charter schools, in wealthy and impoverished neighborhoods, 5-day and 2-day programs, in large classes and homeschooling her two children.  Presently she facilitates learning for students and families at the Home Learning Community, a K-8th grade program for homeschoolers who meet twice a week for co-designed group learning experiences.  She also teaches science classes to high school homeschoolers and homeschools her son.  Through all of these, she has learned that students, at any age, must have  choice and voice, they must be engaged, they must dialogue with their teachers/parents/facilitators to find what interests them.  Students must have agency over their learning journeys.  Only then, will learning be strong, effective, and joyful.

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